Patrick runs for KiKa


 My name is Patrick (41) and living in Amsterdam area. Married to Maud and father to 2 active and healthy boys: Olivier (6) and Céderic (4). More info under "Background"



By running 2 special marathons within 4 months, I want to collect as much money as possible for KiKa, the Dutch charity foundation against child cancer. My goal is challenging: collect a minimum of €10.000  for this charity.


I understand and feel that I have a wonderful and blessed life with no (real) worries and I want to do something for others in return. Sports always gave me a lot of satisfaction and pleasure and I want to use just this for helping others.


Next to running the NY marathon, I want to "golf" another marathon to collect as much money as possible for this great charity. How? Check the info under "KiKa Golf Marathon"