My story

After a heavy, but succesful half marathon (Amsterdam October 2016) I couldn't help myself thinking how it would be to run (and finish) a full marathon once in my life.

And once you start to think about it, its obvious you start to think about the greatest marathon of all: The NY City Marathon.


But why would I do it alone and by myself if I can do it with others and for charity!


Is this a "midlife crises" I am in? Probably yes, but in any case it started to make me think about the hapiness I have and how blessed I am. We are all healthy: me, my children and my wife!

It's therefore impossible to imagine how it would be if you would get the news that your child is diagnosed with cancer. How you would normally enjoy seeing your children play and grow up without any worries but instead, the whole family will be focussed on the disease from that day on. 

The charity

In the Netherlands, every year 500 to 550 children are diagnosed with cancer and more than 800 children are treated against this disease in hospitals. Out of this group, more than 25% will not make it.

KiKa is the Dutch charity foundation, collecting money for research for children with cancer. It is the objective of KiKa to reach a cancer curing rate of 95%! As you will understand, a lot of money is necessary to be able to reach this goal!


More than 95% of all exsisting charities in the Netherlands are focussing on cancer with adults, although cancer on children is much more rare.

Of course this is a good thing! But it also means that it is a problem as not enough attention and money is spend on research on children with cancer. New and continuous research is necessary and therefore KiKa is asking all of us to help them!