KiKa Golf Marathon

Long before I started to run, I played golf. It's been more than 30 years now that I try to play as often as I can, although last years it has been quite difficult to find time for it.

Still, golf has been with me for a long time and I spend a lot of time and pleasure doing it throughout my life. As child I began to play with my father, then on a higher level playing in and for the national team and the last years it is mainly while being on business or with friends.


Being a "new" runner, it will be a big challenge for me to run and finish a real marathon! Still, I would like to show everyone that this is still not enough for me as I want to do more for the great charity of KiKa, actually I want to double the stakes!


To be able to achieve my personal goal of collecting a minimum of €10.000, I am not only going to run the NY Marathon, I am going to run another one and it is going to take place on my homecourse!

The Plan:

I want to play as many holes as possible on 1 single day. The first drive when the sun comes up (05:36u) and the last putt once the sun is down (21:54u).


This means effectively 16 hours of consecutive golf and my goal is to reach at least 100 holes.

This will be approx 42 km of walking: another marathon, a Golf Marathon!


The rules:

Of course I am going to play it according to the real golf rules! Strokeplay (every stroke counts), from the white backtees, walking (no cart) and keeping track of the real score! 


How to sponsor:

I have different options and possibilities for  sponsoring, details can be found under the tab Sponsoring.



Of course it is going to take place in the summer to be able to play as long as possible in the light. As it looks today, Saturday July 15th will be day!



It is going to take place on my homecourse, the best course in The Netherlands: de Goyer G&CC