Will my initiative change the world and cure all children with cancer? No, obviously not.

However, I do feel that my initiative will bring KiKa one step closer to their ultimate goal and by supporting me also you can contribute!


Now I hope it is clear what I am going to do, the question is of course how you can help.


The first thing I would like to ask each and eveyone is to pass on the message....... Please share this initiative with everybody you know and ask them to become part of this initiative!


If you have read the information under "KiKa Golf Marathon" it will be clear to you that I am planning on finishing 2 marathons for the great charity of KiKa.


As I want to give everybody the opportunity to support this initiative, I have created different possibilities to sponsor me.

Option 1

 Would you like to make a fixed donation in order to support me and KiKa, please make your donation through my official and personal sponsor site.


Click on the "sponsor me" button or the picture of the official site on the right in order to get redirected to this site. 


The donated amount will be directly going to KiKa.

Option 2

The second sponsor option is connected to the "KiKa Golf Marathon" action. Are you a golfer or do you like this initiative, then you can choose from the following sponsoring options:


Fixed amount of € 500,- (independent of number of holes played)


For this amount I will not only run 2 marathons, I will also be your caddy for 18 holes!


Sponsoring of € 0,75 per played hole


Sponsoring of € 0,25 per played hole

*My partner Golfstore has a gift for the Gold and Platinum sponsors! A gift voucher of 10% is awaiting you and it can  be spend in dedicated Golfstores.

The sponsored amount is not yet determined with the Gold and Silver package as it is depening on the number of holes played. To commit yourself to this package please fill in and send the  "KiKa Golf Marathon Sponsorform".

KiKa is a ANBI recognized

charitable institution and gifts

are therefore tax deductable.

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